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This is the main portfolio, held through TBI Strategic Partners. It consists of private equity and listed investments considered to be strategic in nature, in companies where we have achieved a significant influence or board representation, or where we play an active role in the development of strategy. Strategic investments may also include companies that have the potential to become strategic in nature for us in the future, for the above reasons. Below are some of the major investments in this portfolio.


A listed financial services provider offering customised products, professional services and added value throughout the financial services value chain. The group has three market-focused clusters of business units. These clusters are focused on Financial Services; Services and Solutions; and Investments.


TerraSan is an unlisted public company and a leading domestic marine farming group. It holds, through its wholly–owned subsidiary Aqunion, extensive investments in abalone farming (Aquafarm, Roman Bay Sea Farm), processing and feed manufacturing situated in Hermanus and Gansbaai. Blue Ocean Mussels is wholly-owned a mussel sea farming and processing business situated in Saldana Bay on the West Coast and one of the largest frozen mussel producers in SA, supplying a large proportion of the local market. TerraSan Pelagic Fishery (majority held) is situated in Velddrif on the West Coast and owns commercial fishing rights in the pelagic fishing industry as well as a fleet of fishing vessels and has interests in sardine canning, freezing and fishmeal facilities through the Oranjevis Joint Venture with Pioneer Fishing, also situated in Velddrif.


Awande Capital Partners is a private investment company launched in 2006 with its first major investment through Awande Media in Trudon, the publisher of the Yellow Pages.

Awande also has an interest in 360 Financial Services Group, the financial services business of the Numsa investment company and comprises interests in funeral services (Doves, Be-Assured and ISCA), Union Life a specialist in affordable funeral and life insurance products, Sechaba Medical a medical administration company and Numsa Financial Services a medical aid and life assurance broker and distribution platform.

Awande Private Equity Managers (a category II registered financial services provider) was established to manage private equity funds established as a registered asset manager to participate in B-BBEE investment opportunities.


Accéntuate is a listed group and market leader, providing flooring, infrastructure and maintenance solutions through its flooring division (Floorworx) and environmental solutions through its Safic Environmental Solutions division. It has an investment in Ion Exchange Safic, a joint venture with Ion Exchange (India) that provides the full spectrum of water purification and environment solutions.


Sinetech is an importer and distributor of standby and solar power producing products. It is one of the oldest photovoltaic (PV) solar energy companies in Southern Africa, operating in this industry for over 20 years. Sinetech has its own brand of Omnipower products, the most prominent of which is the highly regarded range of solar batteries.

The product range includes PV solar system design, batteries for standby and solar applications; commercial and industrial inverters and battery chargers, PV solar modules, solar inverters, back-up systems and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

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