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Established in 1995, TBI Strategic Partners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trustee Board Investments, holding its strategic private equity portfolio. It is a South African open-ended investment company. With a focused investment mandate of investing in the small and mid-market investment space, unconstrained by any particular market or sector, we invest in listed or unlisted companies that are considered to be strategic in nature and in private equity and funded BEE solutions. We have a track record of superior investment returns using long-term capital, by targeting selected investment opportunities.

With a strong governance structure, we have capitalised on a 22 year track record of owning and investing in businesses across a variety of investment, political and economic cycles. We target new investments and selected expansion capital investments in good quality, cash-generative businesses with identifiable competitive advantages and strong growth potential. These investments are made at attractive prices and held until exit opportunities are presented.



our approach


Due to our on-balance sheet investment company structure, we are able to invest for the longer term, using a combination of permanent and external capital. This gives us:

  • The flexibility to make significant investments in small and mid-cap listed companies and in unlisted companies; and
  • The ability to build up shareholdings in smaller listed companies on a staggered basis.

We have a philosophy of acquiring a smaller stake in the initial stages of investment and building the investment up over a period of time, as we familiarise ourselves with the investee company, management, and the respective industry or environment.

We intend to grow the portfolio by making additional investments in existing investee companies and in companies that complement such investee companies, and investing in new strategic and private equity investment opportunities.

We apply a hands-on investment approach, assisting management teams of investee companies and providing strategic input, without assuming direct operational responsibility. Our strategy is to actively leverage our existing network and to engage with investee companies in relation to their corporate activity and other strategic initiatives.

We invest mainly in the South African markets.

We have an investment mandate unconstrained by any particular market or sector, to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio which will be an attractive proposition for institutional and private investors, maximizing value and generating superior returns on capital for shareholders. Applying a flexible approach in relation to timing and duration, investments are made in:

  • Listed and unlisted companies with high growth potential, that are considered to be strategic in nature; and where we can achieve significant influence or board representation, or play an active role in the development of strategy;
  • Private equity investments and funded BEE solutions for mid-sized companies with high growth potential.

Investment decisions are made on a case by case basis, depending on circumstances prevailing at the time and as opportunities are presented. Investments are assessed on a continuous basis, based on the relative attractiveness of the investments compared to the market and other available opportunities.

Acting as a strategic partner to our investee companies and building dedicated long-term relationships, our objectives are to:

  • Use our long-term capital to acquire investments at times when value is presented, at attractive prices;
  • Invest in good quality businesses with strong growth potential;
  • Invest in minority interests in investee companies, partnering with strong management teams or investing partners, with experience in the selected industry;
  • Hold such investments with a long-term investment view;
  • Position the investment to be able to take advantage of corporate actions;
  • Assist in creating sustainable long-term growth of investee companies, thereby maximising returns and growing shareholder value.

Investments may be in equity, preference shares or debt of companies that are unlisted or listed on a stock exchange. Issuers may be domiciled within or outside of South Africa. Derivatives may be utilised for effective portfolio and risk management. We do not utilise uncovered options.



This investment is suitable for investors seeking an opportunity to invest in the established strategic equity portfolio of TBI, which has a proven track record. Investors should have a minimum investment horizon of ten years. A minimum investment amount of R1m applies to new investors. If you are interested in becoming a shareholder, please contact us at

TBI Strategic Partners is a private open-ended investment company, investing in long-term assets. The shares are illiquid and are not listed on any exchange. Our investment strategy is focused on creating long-term shareholders' value over a period of at least ten years; therefore an investment should be considered with a long-term view.

Notwithstanding the above, we undertake to repurchase shares from shareholders wishing to realise their investments in cycle of a maximum of ten years. Exiting shareholders must provide at least three years' notice, which may only be given seven years after the subscription date.

Shareholders are permitted to sell their shares to current or third party investors, subject to approval by the board of directors. We are willing to assist shareholders wishing to dispose of their shares, by identifying potential buyers.

In order to provide secondary liquidity, the board will consider the merits of listing TBI Strategic Partners in three years time.

Investors' may expect annual distributions equal to the total cash net profit and investment realisations during the financial year, after disbursement of capped payments and other amounts due to shareholders. This distribution policy therefore provides a determinable realisation profile for an investor.

We have a policy of open and transparent communication with our shareholders. Shareholders will receive a quarterly investment report and other ad hoc communication.

On behalf of its shareholders, TBI holds the majority of the shareholding of TBI Strategic Partners.


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